Μπλέ ακουαρέλλα για γάμο στην Ύδρα

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Photo credits || Les Anagnou
21 Ιουλίου 2018
Προσκλητήριο & Φάκελος
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The blue shades preluded summertime and prefaced the wedding’s beachfront style and locale as it took place at Hydra island. The blue leaves motif was carried throughout the wedding suite, dressing up the otherwise simple white notes. Said motif was found apart from the invitation, on the table numbers, the vow booklets, the custom paper fans, the favor boxes, and the tags on the bottles of Greek Olive Oil that were handed out to guests. Bringing as much personalization as possible, the blue motif was used to create a handmade pocket square to complete the groom’s attire.